Russian Gang Pick The Wrong Guy To Fight With. What happens next is EPIC!

The street brawl began when boxer Nikolai Vlasenko was chilling at a bar with his wife in Starokorsunskaya, southwest Russia, when a few Russian thugs started to harass his wife. As they soon come to know, they made a horrible mistake.

The professional boxer confronted the thugs and told them to leave his wife alone, but the groups leader Leonti Yevdokimov, 33, told him to step outside. Nikolai calmly obliges and tries to discuss things with the gangs leader.

However, a couple of the gang members figured they’d just try to have a 1 on 1 with him and end things the old fashioned way.
What they didn’t expect was that they would get hammered straight to the floor with a one punch knockout.

CCTV captures the brawl and shows one of the members approaching Nikolai and within seconds regrets his decision when he’s floored down to the curb with a single punch!

Another hot shot, even after seeing what happened thought he had a chance at taking down Nikola. Big mistake as he also gets completely brick faced to the floor with another single blow from the hard hitting fists of Nikolai, leaving his pathetic attempt at a kick hanging in mid-air.

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