Marine Sings; Makes my Heart Sink. At 1:48 — GOOSEBUMPS

I don’t think anyone in the stadium expected this. Retired Marine corps Sgt. Dan Clark sings God Bless America in Fenway Park and the rendition that came forth blew everyone away.

He not only sang to the fans, but many service members and veterans were also in the stands. If he’s not a professional singer, he should be. This is about the best rendition I have ever heard. Certainly far better than the many performers who make music their living and who have performed this song at ball games in the past.

On top of his performance being absolutely beautiful, it was also incredibly intense. Watch as Sgt. Clark prepares to sing. He has laser focus and major intensity almost as if he is entering a mixed martial arts challenge! But then the beauty takes over when he sings. When he holds that final note at the end, it is enough to cause you to tear up. When he finishes, it’s back to that classic Marine intensity as he pumps his fist and closes with a salute. Simply amazing.

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