Watch This Frustrating Video of A School Janitor Being Fired For Leaving 8 Minutes Early.

This video perfectly captures how NOT to treat your employees. If you’ve had an uptight boss, then this is something you will relate to.


Jonathan, a middle school janitor recorded a frustrating conversation with Webb Bridge Middle School’s principal, Susan Opferman.

The conversation begins when Jonathan sits down, and Opferman asks “So um, what are your hours?” with a calm response from Jonathan stating “My hours are from 6:30 to 3 O’Clock”.

The principal then asks Jonathan “Why did you leave today at 2:45”. “I did not leave at 2.45… It was 2.52 when I was going out that door. I did leave early because I was here early.” Jonathan responds, with the constant rude interruptions of Opferman asking the same question over and over again. “What time do you think you left”.

The 6 minute and 50 second video is a compilation of Opferman’s character as she refers to herself in 3rd person and is definitely something that will rile you up and make you wonder who pissed in Susan Opferman’s cereal this morning?

The official video was uploaded in April of 2016 last year, however the video has received attention from all over the internet, including the Reddit brigade coming in to Jonathan’s rescue.

The video now has more than 700k views and is on the uprise. The power of the internet will not fail as Susan Opferman’s job is definitely at a deserved risk of being stripped away from her.

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